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    470+   Towers

Unwyred ISP Network.

Experience the speed and reliability of our Unwyred ISP Fixed Wireless Internet network, a dependable option for your household internet needs. Unwyred ISP’s network utilizes advanced technology, installing an antenna at your home or business for enhanced connectivity.

With access to over 470 internet towers servicing regional and rural areas, Unwyred ISP ensures widespread coverage. Plus, we offer NBN internet plans, giving you a variety of options to match your connectivity requirements. Choose Unwyred ISP for a versatile and seamless internet experience tailored to your needs.



Revolutionizing Connectivity

The Tech! The way you get online won’t change, the method we use to connect you to Unwyred might be different to how you are currently connected. We will connect you to Unwyred via a wireless network, one that we ensure isn’t oversubscribed and you will receive great speeds.

Unwyred have partnered with Skycoin and integrated their state of the art equipment that provides us with incentives that we pass on to you. Our vison is to bring more savings to our customers as we grow.



Unlimited Data

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Our Vision

Unwyred ISP isn’t like other internet providers, we are focused on bringing you the latest technology that will assist in creating a more secure, private and consistant connection to the internet.

A focus on the future but also and eye on the past – we will be bringing that ‘good old’ customer service focus to everything we do.

Join us on this exciting journey.



Welcome to UNWYRED ISP, where innovation seamlessly combines with over 35 years of telecommunications expertise.

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Address : PO Box 654, Murray Bridge SA 5253

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